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Welcome to the Band Program 

Welcome to the Band Program



It is a brand new year filled with lots of excitement and opportunities. One of particular excitement is the opportunity to enroll in the Montowese instrumental music program. This program is a fun and exhilarating way to learn about music while simultaneously enhancing concentration, self-discipline, team work, coordination and self-confidence.

The music department strongly believes that the study of music offers our students a challenging body of multi-faceted skills, perceptions and sensibilities which contributes to their educational and human experience in a positive and profound manner. Throughout history, music has fueled imagination, encouraged self-expression, inspired, enlightened and informed the mind. People from every society have utilized music to enrich their lives. Whether a stimulus for dynamic group interaction or a celebrant of individual creativity and uniqueness, music has remained an ever-present accompaniment to every human event, for it is the product of human spirit. Research has proven that music is one of seven human intelligences, which can dramatically enhance a child's comprehensive education.

Our music curriculum offers students a wide variety of opportunities to explore, experience, create, enjoy, and share the medium of musical expression, and benefit from the many intellectual, physical, aesthetic, emotional and creative challenges which lie in it's unique nature. Please, join us by encouraging your child to participate in the wonderful musical experiences that we offer. Together we can instill a love of music that our students will cherish and cultivate as practitioners, patrons and intelligent consumers, throughout their lifetime.

Mr. Lafond


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